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Lost_Icontest - An Icon Challenge community
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Welcome to the Lost TV Show Icontest!
The first Lost-themed Icontest on LiveJournal! (woot!)

Each week a new image from Lost will be uploaded to the community. It could be a screencap from the show or a publicity shot.

A list of winners from each week can be found in the link to the memories towards the bottom of this page.

1. Keep your submission anonymous. Don't offer it up in icon communities or use it before the voting is over.

2. Your icon can be still, blank or animated. You are not allowed to use other images than the challenge image. You are only allowed to submit one icon unless the challenge post says otherwise.

3. Please don't vote for your own icon unless you are convinced it is the best one. Voting is limited to members only so you cannot get your friends to vote. Anonymous voting is also disabled. When voting people vote for the number of icons stated in the voting post. No more, no less. Votes which do not follow this will be disqualified and the votes re- counted.

4. Your icon must be in LiveJournal accepted format:
maximum of 100x100 pixels (but is can be any size within 100x100: e.g. 100x80 or 75x90)
less than 40 kb in size
in .png .gif or .jpg format

1. Please only submit one icon per challenge unless already specified.

2. Icons must be submitted in a comment in the entry post only. You must be logged in to enter so I know who to congratulate when you win. Please don't enter with anonymous comments.

3. Please format your comment in the following way:

http://www.stakesandstones.co.uk/Livejournal/lost/lostdom.jpg (The Picture's URL)
Yes I would/No I wouldn't like a banner if I place.

4. Anonymous commenting is switched off so you will need to be logged into your journal in order to enter.

1. A new base is posted on Friday Evening at around 6.00pm GMT on the community.

2. You have until the following Wednesday at 6.00pm GMT to post your entries as a comment to the community.

3. At 6.00pm GMT on Wedneday the challenge closes and about an hour later the voting post will come up on the community.

You can vote until 5.00pm GMT Friday.

4. Winners will then be
posted with the new base on the community and the cycle starts again.

Your Mod is </a></b></a>__kali__. You can contact her either by leaving a comment in a community post or by emailing her via __kali__ @ livejournal.com

Banner Rotation
The current banner rotation can be found here
Thank you for offering to help with the banner making. If you'd like to become a banner maker please leave a comment in the rotation post.


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